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Producing by Heart with Love

Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd., the art of yarn making has come about as a magnificent observation and the company has been honing its skills to become the perfect yarn artisan which has helped carve a reputation in the making of quality yarn, and ever since Sitaram Spinners have been in the business of yarn making which is over a decade now.


We stand by our Commitment and Integrity practicing and promoting Healthy Business Ethics.

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We are one of the few quality conscious company’s in India manufacturing 100% cotton ring spinning yarn and the mills have the most modern manufacturing facilities in the world today. The mills are equipped with brand new Swiss and German machinery to produce top-grade uster 5% category yarns.
The range of products comprises premium quality 100% Cotton Combed Compact and Carded Ringspun as well as Open-Ended Yarns.

All its yarns meet quality parameters for varied knitting and weaving applications. Consistently supplying quality products to over 35 countries across the Globe and Sitaram Spinners has been certified as an “EXPORT HOUSE” by the Government of India.

Our company’s strength is in its core values and beliefs, besides the quality of our products, in building a strong and everlasting relationship with all our valued customers and associates for mutual benefit and growth.

Management Message

We foresee a fierce competition in the market in the near future in a global scenario. To meet these challenges, firstly, we continue to consolidate our position as the market leader in the industry by innovative and creative programs. This means leveraging technology to optimize our resources for effective performance across our operations

Another agenda that we consider vital to our business performance is our social responsibility programs, which include contributing to the communities at large and also strengthening our commitment to our human asset. We shall continue to invest in developing our people to prepare them to meet the challenges and lead the group for a sustainable future.

We are setting up Sitaram Suvidha (our CSR foundation) to take care of the social obligations of our organisation.

Sharpen our focus on product design and Research & Development to provide the best quality product range to our valued customers.

Place the development of human capital as our top priority on our agenda.


Our Organization’s core culture depends not on stardom but on our integrity, dedication, commitment and transparent in all our activities.

Embrace innovation to build for the future

Think constructively to challenge the status quo for continuous improvement, get rid of boundaries, barriers and bureaucratic acts to facilitate pleasant and exciting productive efforts.
Share the knowledge and disseminate information; think “out of box” process, have an openness to Ideas from anywhere and an adopt entrepreneurial spirit.

Treat everyone as a unique individual

Treat all people fairly and equally without discrimination, with dignity and respect.
Recognize the contributions of colleagues to our success and provide them with developmental opportunities.

Make quality and results stand to each other

Make every activity transparent and efficient. Make quality a driver for more productive practices, enhance shareholder value and ensure the best returns to the group by effective and efficient utilization of the resources

Delighting our customers by thinking from the consumer’s side

Take pro-active actions to understand and anticipate customers’ needs; provide better and faster solutions and extend high-quality services to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Passion for Innovation

To keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry, intensive in-house R&D facilities and technology capabilities have to be developed, resulting in a unique and sustainable competitive edge in a global scenario. Continuous innovation in products, services, and methodologies is a hallmark of our organization.

As an Industry leader, it is very important to have our contribution to the growth and sustainability of every organization in the industry by promoting the use of technological innovations.

This strength in innovation would enable us to fully satisfy the needs of our customers and also to provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions for their businesses.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business success and we strive to balance economic, social and environmental interests in everything we do.

Our triple bottom line approach considers the 3P’s of People, Planet and Profit in our performance and success as an organization. We are committed to ensuring sustainable profitability and growth as well as to reducing our impact on the environment through effective waste management, energy efficiency and pollution prevention.
In addition to advocating for fair trade worldwide, we strive to make positive contributions to the local communities in which we operate.

We view our people as our defining strength and understand that their talent, passion and energy are what gives us our competitive advantage. This is why we have created a safe, comfortable, and dynamic work environment. We provide our employees with numerous development opportunities and the tools to manage their own professional growth. We also contribute to the community by participating in volunteer service activities and making donations to those in need.