Sitaram Spinners Pvt Ltd., located at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is an enterprise of the MS Agarwal conglomerate. For ‘Sitaram Spinners the art of yarn making has come about as a magnificent observation and the Company has been honing its skills to become the perfect yarn artisan which has helped carve a reputation in the making of quality yarn, and ever since Sitaram Spinners have been in the business of yarn making which is over a decade now.

We are one of the few quality conscious companies in India manufacturing 100% cotton ring spinning yarn and the mills have the most modern manufacturing facilities in the world today. The mills are equiped with brand new Swiss and German machinery to produce top grade Uster 5% category yarns.

The range of products comprises premium quality Core spun spandex,100% cotton Compact Combed and Carded Ring spun as well as Open Ended Yarns. All its yarns meet quality parameters for varied knitting and weaving applications. Consistent in supplying quality products to 35+ countries across the global has seen Sitaram Spinners certified by the Government as an “EXPORT HOUSE”.

The Company's strength apart from Quality products, are its values and beliefs in building strong and long standing relationship with all its customers and associates for mutual growth and development.

Our stringent commitment to Global standards of Quality has been seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, and create a niche of our own, in highly competitive world markets. Our unchallenged variety of products is widely acceptable and utmost care is taken to maintain Quality standards across all stages of production. This is made possible due to our state of the art production facility with an installed capacity of 50,000+ spindles for Ring Spinning.

Equipped with latest technology, totally automated state-of-the-art plant and machinery, this 100 percent Export Oriented Unit is a jewel in the Ms Agarwal conglomerate. All our machinery are with year of manufacturing being 2008+. We are presently manufacturing 100% Cotton Yarn Ne 10s t 40s counts (Combed, Carded & Compact) for both Knitting and Weaving out of 100% raw cotton mixings meant for 50s+ and are interested in export of same.

We export cotton yarns to over 35 countries like USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Peru, Turkey, Bangladesh etc.

The Company has added 32,000+ spindles to its already existing 18,000 spindles now it has set for itself a mission to develop it into a 100,000 spindles.