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Equipped with latest technology, totally automated state-of-the-art plant and machinery we are manufacturing 100% Cotton Yarn

Our range of products comprises 100% cotton combed CR Spun as well as Open Ended Yarns

Certified by the Government as an 'Export House'

We use World's best core-spun attachment - Amsler, ensuring that the spandex yarn is perfectly placed at the core of Cotton Yarns.

Why Buy From Us

Here are only a few reason why You should buy core spun yarns from exactly Us.

  • A Perfect
    Monitoring system
    Ensures 100% verifications

  • Producing yarns
    by Blending Reliability,
    Honesty & Integrity

  • Usage of best
    Quality Spandex Brands
    like Creora, Lycra

  • Adapting fast latest
    technogies like
    Twin Disc Splicer

  • Recognised as
    Star Export House
    by Government of India

  • Perfectly trained Employees
    continously Monitoring
    Customer's Preferences

Product Details

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    Products Details Information

    Discover our Technology, learn about our Process of crafting Yarns into literall life.

    Products Detail Info

    How can we be assured about the top-most quality of Sitaram Spinners?

    Over the last decade Our Company has grown by leaps and has today become a successfull producer of variety of yarns with an envious list of clients.


    How the Strength of Yarns produced by Sitaram Spinners vary from other Yarns?

    We use the most ingenious and advanced splicing system called "Two Disc Splicer".


From the Heart of Our House

  • Core Spun Yarn ( CSY)
  • Zero Twist Yarn
  • Dual FX / Dual Core
  • Velvety Soft Yarn

Specifications of CSY

Spandex can be 40D, 70D, 105D, can Be Lycra®/ Hyosung®/ Inviya® (Indian), can be Slub Yarn. Certified BCI & Organic can be given. Customer specified blends with cotton or other cellulosic fibres possible.

Generally continuous filament yarn is used as core and the staple fibres used as sheath covering. The core-spun yarn used to enhance functional properties of the fabrics such as strength, durability and stretch comfort. The production of Core-spun yarns done successfully by many spinning systems.

Twist Yarn Basic Usage

It has a ount of 2/20s to 2/70s or 10s to 40s with 80 PVA. The twist binds the fibres together and also contributes to the strength of the yarn.

It is used mostly for Mainly for Home Textiles. As the twist level in a yarn is increased it becomes more compact because the fibres are held more tightly together. It becomes more compact because the fibres are held more tightly together, so giving a harder feel to the yarn.

End Usage of Dual Core Yarn

Spandex can Be Lycra®/Hyosung®/ Inviya® (Indian) in 40D or 70D. Covering can be cotton or cellulosic fibres blends. Count Range : Ne 8s - Ne 30s

Can apply Invista Tags. Stretch & recovery is better with low growth. Can be used for Denim & Bottom weights in Weaving . One of the finest material to produce quality denims.

New Technology Items Developed by SSPL

1. Carded Cotton: Ne 8s - 21s 2. Combed Cotton: Ne 10s - 60s

Low Twist, Low Torsion, Low hairiness, Low consumption and environment friendly. It has a soft hand feel, Abrasion Resistance and Pilling Resistance, can be used for Denim weaving or knitting

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    Cotton Yarn



    Polyester Yarn

    More Tolerant More Durable


    Eli Twist Yarn

    Superior Strength Maximum Capacity


    Twisted Rope

    Tensile Strength Stronger Together


    Parallel Yarn

    Smooth Yarn Wrapping Thread


    Lycra Fabric

    Stretchable Synthetic Spandex