Our Process

Yarn consists of several strands of material twisted together. Each strand is, in turn, made of fibers, all shorter than the piece of yarn that they form. These short fibers are spun into longer filaments to make the yarn.

Preparing the Fibers

For Blending

Fibers are shipped in bales, which are opened by machine, after cleaning and seperating, blending may be done during formation of the lap or during carding.

Carding the Fibres

To form a web of Fibre

The carding machine is set with hundreds of fine wires that separate the fibers. and Produces a ropelike strand of Parallel fibers.

Combing the Fibres

For smoother Yarn

A comblike device arranges fibers into parallel form, with short fibers falling out of the strand.

Drawing out Fibres

Pre-twisting Stage

After combing, fibre mass is referred to as ‘Silver’. A series of rollers rotating at different rates of speed elongate the sliver into a single more uniform strand that is given a small amount of twist and fed into large cans.

Twisting the Fibres

For Roving

The sliver is fed through a machine called the roving frame, where the strands of fiber are further elongated and given additional twist. These strands are called the roving.

Spinning the Fibres

By Ring Spinning

The roving is fed from the spool through rollers. The traveler moves freely around the stationary ring at 4,000 to 12,000 revolutions per minute. The spindle turns the bobbin at a constant speed.
This turning of the bobbin and the movement of the traveler twists and winds the yarn in one operation.

Quality Control

By fully Automation Process

Automation has made achieving quality easier, with electronics controlling operations, temperatures, speeds, twists, and efficiency.
Quality are then checked in our Lab using Standerdize methods.

We have installed a capacity of 50,000+ spindles for Ring Spinning.

With Top Grade uster5% category yarns manufactured on brand new machinery of Swiss, German, Italian and Indian make which are state-of-the-art, with all these we are a jewel of the MS Agarwal conglomerate.

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