Raise your concern

Our Vision

To Create the Most Captivating Textile Company of 21st century by accelerating the Global shift to Smart Textiles.

Our Mission

To relieve consumers of ordinary and energize transition to smart textiles

Our Values


  • Keep promises and honor agreements
  • Act ethically and responsibly
  • Communicate openly, honestly and responsively to build trust

Delighting Our Customers

  • Take pro-active actions to understand and anticipate customers’ needs
  • Provide faster solutions and high-quality services to exceed the expectations of valued customers

Respect for People

  • Treat everyone as a unique individual
  • Treat all people fairly and equally without discrimination, with the highest dignity and respect
  • Recognize the contributions of all concerned in our success and provide them with developmental opportunities

Live Quality

  • Make every activity right the first time
  • Make quality a drive for more efficient and effective working practices

Embrace Innovation

  • Think constructively to challenge the status quo for continuous improvement
  • Have an openness to ideas from anywhere and promote an entrepreneurial spirit

Boundary-less Enterprise

  • Get rid of boundaries, barriers, and bureaucratic systems to facilitate smooth productive efforts
  • Share the knowledge and disseminate the information
  • Contribute to each other’s success

Energize Others

  • Excite, motivate and inspire others with our vision and deeds
  • Infect everyone with your passion for excellence, determination and energy

Deliver Bottom Line Results

  • Improve shareholder value and ensure the best returns to the Group and most efficient utilization of resource